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 Join us in the wilderness where your village awaits you. Surrender to the ways of the old and the vibrations of the earth.

You belong here; we welcome you with open arms and hearts

- this is your home"


The Gathering of the Goddesses were founded in 2019 by Emma and Julz with the intention to bring urgency and change to how we respond to the mental health needs of children and adolescence

Volunteering our time to create the festival from the ground up; we hope attending will leave you feeling connected, supported and empowered.

Our Children's Village and Teen Empowerment programs aim to provide children and teens the tools to believe in themselves, combat bullying, trust their intuition and empower themselves so they can empower others.

We believe that despite so much social media, we as a society has never been so disconnected. The festival gives women a chance to get back to their roots, to give agency to their own lives and to experience an array of healing modalities.



What are the funds being raised for?

We started with a simple idea brought on by a need to raise funds for children and adolescents struggling with their mental health. This is imperative to us, we feel a great calling to be a part of this driving force of change in the way we respond and care for those in need.

Both having children with complex mental health needs it is clear as day to us that the system and society needs a lot of improvement.

Combined we have an extensive background in Event Management, Performance Arts, Social, Nursing and Multimedia experience.  We each volunteer over 40 hours a week in addition to our day jobs to put those skills to good use to create something we hope will have a lasting impact on those who attend and those we help through our fundraising efforts.

Creating WELLNESS AUSTRALIA will see funds from the festival go to setting up a safe space for those in need whether they can afford it or not.

Idea's in development are:

- Programs for at risk children and teens 

- Short camps for Children and teens to build on mindfulness, resilience and self confidence to give them a village like connection where mainstream friendships have failed them

- Alternative school program for those who don't fit into the current mainstream options

- Emergency plan and implementation for Families at crisis point

- Fundraising help for parents in need to go through the assessment process where they otherwise wouldn't be able to afford it to ensure their child starts getting the help they need asap

- Research and development into Trauma response

- Mainstream services such as OT, Speech, Child Psychology combined with Horse Therapy, Meditation, Nature Hikes and the like.

Not only does The Gathering of the Goddesses offer a program that we believes supports this intention, we 


How else does The Gathering of the Goddesses support the community:


* By donating festival space to community groups to hold space so they can continue their work helping others. 

* Donating to organisations 

* Creation of a mentorship program for at risk teens to experience hands on training and work experience as part of our team. If you have relevant skills that you would like to offer our teens please get in touch.

If you have any ideas on organisations that may need our support - we would love to hear from you!

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Bring your sons, brothers, partner and friends to our unisex festival in March 2022!