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 Join us in the wilderness where your village awaits you. Surrender to the ways of the old and the vibrations of the earth.

You belong here"

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"True community is lacking in our modern society. People avoid interaction with strangers... The post war female acceptance and support I saw between my mother and the other women in the street has disappeared with the era. Our females are bombarded with magazines and sites that highlight "beauty" standards, consumer products...etc. A gathering of this nature is essential. Women of all ages can share their wisdom and skills so that lives can be renewed earlier than mine was. Women can experience sisterhood and break down the barriers of competitiveness. So much good will happen at the Gathering of the Goddesses (where we can) connect with like-minded souls in the security of a female community."

Colleen Brown.



The Gathering of the Goddesses was founded in 2019 with the intention to create a village where women can connect and get back to their roots. No competition, no judgment. A village where women learned to trust their gut, tune in to their spiritual vibrations and tune out digital noise. A collective peace of mind. A kinship.

An open hug where we took our children and show them the ways of the old. Where we could teach them how to ground themselves and having built them up so much, they can hold onto their self value to bring light into any of their darken days.

We believe that despite so much social media, we as a society has never been so disconnected. The festival gives women a chance to get back to their roots, to give agency to their own lives and to experience an array of healing modalities.

We hope attending will leave you feeling connected, supported and empowered.


Image by Dex Ezekiel
Goddesses BACKGROUNDS (2).jpg