Due to Covid-19 restrictions we have rescheduled to March 2021

It was always our main intention to build a village where women can get back to their roots. No competition, no judgment. A village where women learned to trust their gut, learned to tune in to their spiritual vibrations and tune out digital noise. A collective peace of mind. A kinship, a tribe. An open hug where we took our children and shown them the ways of the old. Where we could teach them how to ground themselves and having built them up so much, that no bully in the world could penetrate the armor we helped them built.

Proceeds from the festival were never going to go in our pockets. It was and still is our intent to raise as much as we can to build a wellness center for children and adolescence struggling with their mental and spiritual health. But we know that the Corona Virus has landed us in unprecedented times. 

We have decided to lower our ticket prices sustainably because we know that when we emerge from this trying time - we will all need this healing weekend more than ever.
It may take us longer to reach our fundraising goals but we are ok with that.

Come home to the wilderness. Gather with your kindred spirits and re-join your tribe.

The Gathering  

6 Kent Rd, Riddells Creek VIC 3431