Share your knowledgeable gift with kindred spirits to connect and enlighten your fellow tribe.





Upon acceptance we ask that you purchase your PRESENTER TICKETS for yourself and one helper which is a total of $120 and includes both tickets. This confirms your acceptance and will be refunded in full 7 days after the event granted you meet your presenter requirements.


Please fill in your application as thoroughly as possible as we will use your biography, workshop descriptions and photos on our website, social media and in printed promotional material. Please don't worry if you haven't yet got a professional webpage or if you don't feel like you are a "professional" - we are more after the right energy and real women to share their knowledge and experiences.

Especially in our COMING OF AGE area, this is more of a sharing support circle and we would love to have women share their real life experiences. 

We have several spaces for different themes and although we are open to ideas, some suggestions are:

MOVEMENT - Yoga, Meditation, Drumming, Dancing, Tai Chi, Goddess Sound Healing, Earth Dance, Guided Hikes

SPIRITUAL AWAKING AND HEALING: Rituals, Cleansing, Grounding, Moon Rituals (Waning, Dark and New Moon at time of Festival), The Witches Garden/Kitchen, Psychic Abilities, Finding your inner Goddess

COMING OF AGE: Milestones, Menopause Ceremony, The Seasons of a Woman,  Life after Divorce, Counselling, Legal Advice, ASD Support Group, Helping children heal from Domestic Violence and Trauma

TEEN QUEENS: Dance, Listening to your Intuition, Finding your Tribe, Reflecting Bullies, Quieting your Mind, Mindful Meditation, Healthy Bodies - Healthy minds

CHILDREN'S FESTIVAL: Yoga, Mediation, Arts and Crafts, Sensory Play, Tie Dying, Crown Making

We would love to hear from you!

Each Workshop & Presentation will run 1 to 3 times over the course of the festival and for approx 1  to 1.5 hour each.
Presenters will get to enjoy the festival offerings as well as access to our staff retreat tent which includes pampering and catering.
Your business will be promoted to all attendees as well as across all our social media channels. 
Be apart of a movement of women supporting women.

The Gathering  

6 Kent Rd, Riddells Creek VIC 3431