Program Guide


The Gathering of the Goddesses offers a village for women to come home to a sisterhood where you will feel welcome, celebrated, supported and empowered. 

A women's circle like no other.

We drum and sing with the vibrations of our community. We walk barefoot through the woods while we stand tall with the trees. We learn about women's stories of old to bring us back to our roots and to ground us as a collective whole.

We gather as goddesses, we leave as kindred spirits.

2022 Program Guide -  The Gathering of Goddesses in February 2022

A village of women supporting and empowering each otherb.png

Spiritual Awakening

The Witches Garden

Goddess of Change

Angels & Spirit Guide Workshop

Rhythms of the Womb ***

The Art of Leaf Reading

Mystery, Magic & Mastery 

Descending the Bone Ladder

Illuminate Your Inner Temple: Awakening Your Soul Wisdom

Past Life Workshop

Drawing on Spirit 

Reclaim your Wild Woman

Bringing through the Goddess

Walk the Talk Meditation ***

Crystal healing powers 

Essential oils and Astrology

The Path of a Witch

Affirmation workshop

Soul Letters

Lightning Dreamwork - identifying significant  messages from our dreams

Spirituality - tools for living in 5D


Vibrations of the Earth

Djembe Drumming Circle

Journey to find your Wild Women

Celestial Crystal Singing Bowl Healing

Move & flow

Tap into your Heart Flow

Introduction to Positioning and Breathing

Sound Bath

“Dance embodiment “Unleashing Your Inner Goddess

Ecstatic Chanting

Shamanic Drumming to meet your  inner goddess

enCHANTed Singing Circle

Gong Sound Healing

Self Defense

Embracing Radical Empowerment Through

Balancing The Pelvis

Dance for stress and trauma

Belly dancing

“Dance embodiment “Unleashing Your Inner Goddess”

Light Language: ancient medicine to remember your wisdom within 

Introduction to Reiki

Embracing Radical Empowerment Through Balancing The Pelvis

Blissful Guided Meditation with Rukmini

Flow Cosmic Dream Weaving


Women of the Woods

Gateway to the Crone

Ritual for Reconnecting

Earth Womban 

Celebrating Woman Ceremony 

Birth Stories Circle

Reclaiming Sacred Blood Rites


Story Weaving

Adults living with ADHD Support Circle

The Body Keeps the Score

Fear is the opposite to love 

Finding your Cheerleader

Breaking down the Barriers

Sacred Leadership: Why You Are Already Prepared to Lead

Building a burnout-resilient business 

Easy Hypnosis For Parents

Autism from a spiritual perspective 

Finding body peace on the other side of eating disorder recovery

Managing anxiety day to day 

Foundations of Self Love

Manifesting Your Goals

Remarkable New Beginnings

The business of being a Goddess

Finding Your Amazone 

Inner Regeneration 

Road to Resilience

Grounding and Clearing Techniques


The Children's Village

Forest Crafts Assorted Activities

Circus Workshops

Circus Lab Roving Performers butterfly and circus girl

Aboriginal Activities

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Yoga / Guided Meditation 

Children's fairy themed craft/dance workshop

The power of their mind

Children of Mother Earth

"I shine my light."

Aunty Stella Storyteller & the Not So Scary Fairy 

Djembe drumming

GIANT Bubble Show

Roving Bubbles

BIG Bubble Blowing Workshop

Hoola Hoops Mum & Daughter Workshop

The Importance of positive self-talk


Teen Queens

Meditation & Yoga

Nature Crowns Craft Activity

Tab it Out

Dissolving Depression

Tax & Teens

Communal Mural Painting

Witchcraft for a New Generation

Young women's - anxiety busting workshop 

Graffiti Art

Girl Becoming (Positive Periods for girls 9-14) 

Creating A Seasonal Altar 

Invoking the Goddess

Meet your Spirit Guide - for Teens

Cyclical Living (Positive Periods girls 14 & over)

Courage & Crowns


Wicca - Practical Magic for Teens

Cleansing and Clearing



Anahera & Moon


Authentic Tibetan MOMO

Bohemian Gatherer

Coco Joes

Coffee With The Girls

D'LISH Turkish Street Food

Divine Heart Frame Drums

Elephant Rock Street Foods

Evexia Macedon Ranges


Feather at your Foot


Himalayan Scentsations

Inoz Hot Food

Intimo Lingerie

Joanne's Temple

Kat Klothing 

Little Box Brownie

Love La Luna

Mad Wraps

Magick Moon Mystic + Scarlett Creations

Mara & Us Jewellery

Nature Deva

Nettie Floyed Healing with Love

Nicole Lee Healing

Pookie May

Qui Trees Creative

RuMa Leadlight Studio

Shiatsu Oriental and Sound Healing Studio 


Spiritual Shenanigans

Studio Bohemia

Summer Treats fueled by Coffee-Mobile

Threads of Saffron

Vitamin Earth Natural Therapies & Threads 


Web of Life

Wild Child Yoga & Wellness

Wild Earth Australia

Wise Woman Undies

Yak’n Yeti

Zumbul creations

Earth Goddess Healing


Earth Healing Therapies for Pets


Crafting Tent

Forest Crafts

Clay Labyrinth

Clay Runes

Assorted Crafting activities throughout 


Healers & Readers

Shiatsu Massage

Psychic Mediumship readings

Soul Journey Work

Energy Clearing

Intuitive Healing

Reiki treatments

Reflexology treatments

Indian head/face massage 

Soul Transmission & Magic Sessions Psychosomatic Therapy

Angelic Reiki, color, sound, oils, crystals, inner child, flower essences and readings

Sexuality Healer

Shamanic Healings

Mediumship and Tarot Card Readings

& so much more....

All workshops, presentations, arts & crafts and performances are included in your festival tickets.

There is no need to book, just turn up in the designated area. 

Optional extras are items from our amazing stallholders and Healings / Readings from the Healing tent.