Program Guide


The Gathering of the Goddesses offers a village for women to come home to a sisterhood where you will feel welcome, celebrated, supported and empowered. 

A women's circle like no other.

We drum and sing with the vibrations of our community. We walk barefoot through the woods while we stand tall with the trees. We learn about women's stories of old to bring us back to our roots and to ground us as a collective whole.

We gather as goddesses, we leave as kindred spirits.

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Here is a quick glance of what is on offer at The Gathering of Goddesses in February 2022

The official time table will be released in February 2023


Spiritual Awakening

Invoking the Goddess Sacred Puja's

The Art of Yin

Rites of Passage

What is Spiritual Integrity?

Radiant Lotus Qigong for Women

How to create a stronger connection to your Loved ones in the spirit world

Manifesting with your spiritual team

Connecting to your Psychic / six sense is easy

The Witches Garden

The Art of Leaf Reading

Drawing on Spirit


Vibrations of the Earth

Ecstatic chanting with Anakhya

Divine Guided Meditation

Aphrodite - clean, conscious wellness and movement workshop

2.5 hour Soul Voice® 

Discover Yourself Workshop 

Where Great Ideas Grow

The Quiet Zone - Sounds of Autumn 

Sound Heart - The Colours of Music

Introduction to Sensual Embodied Dance

Gong Immersion Experience

Qigong Tibetan Sound Healing 

Nature journey

Ceremony of Songs

Kundalini Yoga for Awakening Shakti

Djembe Drumming Circle


Story Weaving

GROW-Begin A Conversation With Your Body- An Initiation

Yoni-An Experimental Guide The Workshop

Full-Spectrum of A Woman

Love yourself, love your body

The poison of Perfection

The integrated soul

Earth Womban

Gateway to the Crone

Ritual for Reconnecting

Celebrating Woman Ceremony 

Birth Stories Circle

More workshops to be announced soon including:

Workshops on Ancestry, Coming of Age, Life after Divorce, Mental Health Topics, Aboriginal, Reclaim your Anger



Sara-Rose Millar

Come, Sit by the Fire With Me

Wendy Rule

Karise Eden

Live Medium Show with Australia's Cowgirl Medium and Lindie Gunston

The Path of a Witch - Fiona Horne Live Stream

Teen Magick-Witchcraft for a New Generation - Fiona Horne Live Stream


The Children's Village

Write Your Own Fairy Tale

Chant your Heart Open

Create with heart

Spells, Wishes and Positive Affirmations

Weaving Nature Circle – Connection and Positive Friendships

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Raising Forest Children – Connecting with Nature

Forest Crafts Assorted Activities

Aboriginal Activities

Yoga / Guided Meditation 

Children of Mother Earth

The Importance of positive self-talk

More workshops will be announced shortly including:

Parenting children on the Spectrum

Mother / Daughter Bonding

and so much more


Teen Queens

Embody your Divine Feminine

Sound Immersion Journey - Yoga

Create with heART

Meditation & Yoga

Nature Crowns Craft Activity

Communal Mural Painting

Witchcraft for a New Generation

Young women's - anxiety busting workshop 

Graffiti Art 


Cleansing and Clearing

Trusting your intuition - recognizing red flags

Positive Periods

Workshops that are empowering and inspirational to our modern goddesses



Over 60 Market stalls and Food Vans will be at The Gathering of the Goddesses Festival in Tasmania including:

Smyth Creative

Everything Loved like New

The Willow Del

Art by Adam Christ

Wonky Willow Co

Catherine's Goat Milk Soap

Windwoven Dreadlocks

4 Oneness

Phoenix Candles and Reiki

Your Highest Good Healing - with Katherine Nayler

ArtFelt by Lidiya

Melissa Baldock Silversmith

Please check back regularly for an updated list.


Crafting Tent

Writing For Healing

Write Your Own Fairy Tale

Meditate and Create

Rune Making

Forest Crafts

Clay Labyrinth

Clay Runes

Assorted Crafting activities throughout 


Healers & Readers

Shiatsu Massage

Psychic Mediumship readings

Soul Journey Work

Energy Clearing

Intuitive Healing

Reiki treatments

Reflexology treatments

Indian head/face massage 

Soul Transmission & Magic Sessions Psychosomatic Therapy

Angelic Reiki, color, sound, oils, crystals, inner child, flower essences and readings

Sexuality Healer

Shamanic Healings

Mediumship and Tarot Card Readings

& so much more....

All workshops, presentations, arts & crafts and performances are included in your festival tickets.

There is no need to book, just turn up in the designated area. 

Optional extras are items from our amazing stallholders and Healings / Readings from the Healing tent.