The Story Weavers

"Witches walk in balance to the rhythm of the moon and tides,

They hold ancient knowledge and have sacred sight,

They are the healers, protectors and teachers,

Blessed be the Witches

For they are magical creatures"

In this safe and welcoming space, join us for workshops on a large range of topics. 

More to be announced

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Breaking down the Barriers


By Sunflowers and Me

Using oracle cards to look at ourselves and change the self talk. All too often we hear compliments about good we look yet we struggle to accept them because of our own negative self-talk and thoughts. This workshop challenges people to see themselves in a different way from a positive perspective and introduce themselves to ways that oracle cards can have a positive impact on their own self esteem.

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How trauma stops women from feeling safe in their femininity and sensuality




What most people don't realize, is that in order to be in your feminine you have to feel safe in your environment and within the masculine. In this masterclass, Monica is going to help you understand how to start healing your relationship with the masculine, create more safety in your life and remove some of the walls that stop you from being in your feminine. 

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Managing Anxiety Day to Day

helen GOLD CIRCLE.png

By Helen Rimington

An interactive workshop that encourages people to customize evidence based strategies to make their own personal management plan for anxious feeling. It includes short activities and discussions in groups of 3 and a practical handout to take away. The style is down to earth with lots of humor and stories to entertain as well as educate

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Ritual for Reconnecting

meg berryman GOLD CIRCLE.png

By Meg Berryman

Reconnect with yourself, others and the planet - in this deeply moving circle and ritual. 2020 has been a year of great disconnection - this beautiful ritual will reorient us back to ourselves, the earth and each other - so that we may take our place in the cycle of life and explore the great wisdom that our entire eco-system has to offer.

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Earth Womban


By The Wilderness Within

I will open the workshop by drumming & welcoming the women. We will do a short grounding meditation. I will share my personal experience with my menstrual cycle & how it has deeply connected me with our earth mother. I will explain how our menstrual cycle relates to the cycles of the earth (seasons, moon, life phases). We will do a practice connecting with the earth through our wombs. I will offer practical ways which women can deepen there connection to there cycles & the earth (charting, cloth pads). I will share a medicine song on guitar & sing (encourage women to sing along) where we send forgiveness to our bodies & love to our wombs and the earth.

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Fear is the Opposite of Love


By Nettie Floyd Healing with Love


All age groups welcome. It is never too soon or too late to start treating yourself with Love, Grace, Integrity and Kindness ALWAYS, not just sometimes. If YOU want change you need to BE the change by learning to treat yourself with Love, kindness, grace and integrity always. I would love to show you how to make these simple yet profound changes.

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Finding Body Peace


By Freedom from Food


Finding body peace on the other side of eating disorder recovery

A workshop and presentation about body acceptance, health at every size, and how to find recovery from disorganized eating.

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The Poison of Perfection



We are bombarded by images and narratives that tell us to be perfect and if we’re not then we are less valuable. Be a perfect mother with the perfect body and the perfect partner. Have a career but don't sacrifice your children. Have a perfect body but don't be a gym junkie or diet queen. Be sexual but don't flaunt it. "People please, perfect and perform at all costs" -- It's time to reclaim your power, stop the perfection, the people pleasing and the wearing of the masks and relish in your perfectly imperfect self. Perfection is poison and striving for it is destroying the essence of who we are.

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Foundations of Self Love


By Sovereign Woman


This foundation workshop takes you through 4 pillars of devotional practices for self love and self empowerment.

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Mama & Daughter Ceremony

Daughters Of Pachamama 2 GOLD CIRCLE.png

By Daughters Of Pachamama


Holding a ceremony of integration with our linage as women and their girls. Holding space for women and their teenagers to tune into strengthening the between mother and daughter, to clear the flow between the two of them, to create a stronger bonds between them, see what may be blocking them and paying tribute to the divine feminine in remembrance.

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Autism from a Spiritual Perspective


By Niki Humm

Bridging the Worlds - Being a Multidimensional Mumma

Presentation on being an Autistic Mumma, with Autistic children - living the spiritual life.

Chatting about my experience and my book Autism Superheroes: The Spark Within - only available through direct sales (limited copies available)

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Grounding and Clearing Techniques


By Sunflowers and Me

This workshop will go through ways to clear and ground your energetic self and understand the power of your chakras by doing so. There are many ways to set up everyday grounding and clearing techniques to help get you through the day from a positive start and then also clear at the end of the day before going to sleep to ensure your not keeping other people’s energetic residue so that you can have a good sleep that allows you to Feel rested and maintain chakra balance. 

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Finding your Amazone


By Her Amazonian Sisterhood

This program/talk/workshop starts from the inside, your strengths, your self-belief, you calmness, you uncertainties and your self love We will be working with your health from the inside, your heart and mind-body connection. We will be working a lot with meditation, visualization and manifestation. Letting your body flow through exercises. 

This workshop is for women who want to work on their soul, their spirit and their purpose.

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Birth Stories Circle

Annie Tayleur & Deep Blue Birth GOLD CIR

By Annie Tayleur & Deep Blue Birth

Everyone has a birth story. A transformative journey of either arriving or bringing new life into the world. Our culture tends to play this experience down, but it is key to who we are. This will be a Circle where your birth story can be safely told, witnessed and valued. Including conscious movement and getting into your body, story sharing and a short meditation time.

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New Beginnings

nicole GOLD CIRCLE.png

By Nicole Lee Remarkable

Live your bigger, bolder, brighter life. Learn how to tap into your divine self and bring forth the magic and miracles that are available to you. You will be exposed to practical ancient mystical wisdom blended with a deep knowledge of personal development and transformation in the areas of Head, Heart, Body and Beyond. You will emerge from this workshop, grounded and equipped with the tools to live a bigger, bolder and more conscious life.

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Mother & Daughter Heart Healing with Horses


Mother and Daughter heart healing with horses
Every mother and daughter have their own story that connects and bonds them. In these sessions we will support letting go of the stories that no longer serve both mother and daughter and also create a heart opening for new powerful and supportive stories to emerge.

Inner Rhythm offers this workshop for Mother and their daughters in nature with horses. Whether you are five or fifty-five you will be blown away by the lessons you will learn from our herd of horses. They will see through all the masks that you have developed over time and see the real you.

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Finding your Cheerleader

Her Amazonian Sisterhood GOLD CIRCLE.png

BY Her Amazonian Sisterhood

Dedicated to You Just you, yourself and your I,.. this is a personalized plan for any area of your life that you would like to work on more. This is my most personalized workshop And even though all my programs are personalized around somebody's own needs this one goes even further. This program is for the ladies that need an extra cheerleader, an extra motivation, some inspiration. And I am going to show you how you get all this out of your own doing, so you can take this knowledge with you for a lifetime. As we are going to find your own cheerleader inside yourself!

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The Body Keeps Score

Vitamin Earth Natural Therapies GOLD CIR

By Vitamin Earth Natural Therapies

A talk about Trauma layers, how the body keeps the scores, how that translates into symptoms, ancestral patterns and systematic effect it has across relationships and health in general. Plus also speak to the dichotomy between conscious intentions and Subconscious outcomes. And how this relates to the wider contribution to the collective consciousness, as in when we heal ourselves we heal the world.

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Adhd Support

samii GOLD CIRCLE.png

By Samii Salisbury

Join Samii for an informal support circle discussing living with a diagnosis of ADHD.

Getting her diagnosis as an adult finally allowed Samii to understand how her brain works. 

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Divine Feminine Power and Ancient Herd Wisdom


By Inner Rhythm

Our women ancestors died at the cross for their connection to truth, land and animals. Today we are able to embrace this wisdom and share it to support the world in becoming a more balanced, heart centered and connected world. In honoring the women who have walked before us we will also be honoring the women we are and the women our children are becoming.

Inner Rhythm offers this workshop for women over 18 years of age in nature with horses. Whether you are five or fifty-five you will be blown away by the lessons you will learn from our herd of horses. They will see through all the masks that you have developed over time and see the real you.

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Easy Hypnosis For Parents

kelli tranter GOLD CIRCLE.png

By Kelli Tranter Hypnotherapy

Tips and techniques for parents to be able to undertake hypnosis sessions with their children. I'll present story and play based techniques, including basic hypnotic language patterns, for parents to support their children in managing stress and overcoming fears, anxiety and related behaviours.

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Manifesting your Goals


By Her Amazonian Sisterhood


This offering is a motivational talk, about success, inner strengths, cheerleading and probably a 3 in 1 of what I offer in the others.. People love this one, as it is interactive, I work with goals, with journal

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Road to Resilience


By Little Bottle Tree

Lisa will show you the lost skills from the past and the ingredients, where to get them and how to make your own home products for laundry, cleaning, personal care and family health using essential oils. She will offer a recipe book as part of the workshop and provide contact details if you wish to join her other workshops in the future to learn how to make these natural products.

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Gateway to the Crone


By Dreaming the Seed

A time of celebration through story weaving and sharing as woman enters the fabulous and powerful years of being the Crone as Keeper of the Wise Blood. In a world that has likened aging to being a hag, a woman no longer relevant, the Crone is remembering that her presence and grace is vital in an often-jaded world

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Inner Regeneration

meg berryman 3 GOLD CIRCLE.png

By Meg Berryman

We are living through a monumental period of re-imagining and we are being invited to step into new forms of being, relating, consuming and living. In this experiential masterclass, you'll be invited to go on a journey regeneration from the inside out. In doing so, you'll come to recognize that through your own healing journey you can catalyze great change in our systems, our communities and our planet. Part embodiment practice, part ritual, part activation, this masterclass will leave you feeling empowered, nourished and deeply committed to playing your unique part in the regeneration.

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Reclaiming Sacred Blood Rites

Reclaiming Sacred Blood Rites GOLD CIRCL

By Emily Seaton

In our modern patriarchal society, women's rites of passage, which mark the most significant physical, emotional, and spiritual transformations of our lives, have been largely disrespected and disregarded. This unceremonious initiation into the new phases of life as a woman creates shame and fear and disempowerment, which reverberates both internally and externally across the culture. This workshop will be a safe container for women to share their own experiences and to reclaim their own sacred blood rites through empowered reimagining and connected sisterhood.

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Sacred Leadership

bronte spicer b GOLD CIRCLE.png

By Bronte Spicer


Sacred Leadership: Why You Are Already Prepared to Lead

This presentation will have your participants feel ready, courageous and excited to become powerful leaders for our time. They will: - become clear on the masks they have been wearing that has stopped them from expressing who they truly are. - learn what sacred leadership is - explore how holding space for themselves AS they hold space for others is the key to the confidence they want to feel as leaders. - define and honour the feminine aspects to leadership as much as the masculine aspects to leadership - reconsider fixing, saving, healing and solving problems for others and courageously hold space for them instead. I can't wait to share this magic!