Vibrations of the Earth

"The drums were still beating, persistent and unchanging. Their sound was no longer a separate thing from the living village. It was like a pulsation of its heart. It throbbed in the air, in the sunshine, and even in the trees" - C. Achebe

Stay posted on info on our Yoga, Chanting, Guided Hikes, Self Defense, Dance Embodiment workshops and others to be announced.

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Move & Flow

Little YogiLou GOLD CIRCLE.png

BY LittleYogiLou

Littleyogilou’s signature style unites pranayama (breathe), asana (poses), meditation techniques and creative sequencing for a fun and dynamic flow - accessible for all levels.

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Flow Tap into your Flow

COEURageous Flow GOLD CIRCLE.png

BY COEURageous

A condensed version of our 5 week course ~ a taste and opportunity for women to experience their ‘Flow State’. Beginning with a Heart & Grounding meditation to connect with their Hearts essence, they will then be guided through a series of embodiment yoga practices and hoop dance movements to activate their Hearts Flow. This is a deeply moving and spiritually activating workshop for women to have full permission to express themselves exactly as they are. A safe space to explore what lies within and create the pathways to Flow state.    *suited for adults*

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Djembe Drumming Circle

drummergirl GOLD CIRCLE.png

BY Drummergirl

The heart of the village beats like a drum. Join us! 40 drums will be available in this massive women’s drumming circle to connect together and with the divine within.

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Free Dance for
Stress & Trama

Kirstie Pearce gold circle.png

BY Kristie Pearce

Provide attendees with an overview of how stress and trauma get "stuck" in our body. This session will provide an opportunity for the attendees to begin the process of unbinding the body in a safe and nurturing environment using free dance.

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Embracing Radical Empowerment


BY Sacred Presence


Embracing Radical Empowerment Through Balancing The Pelvis

Connect with the cauldron of the pelvis as a primal place of power. The wings of its wise bones cup your base and sacral chakras and its spiraling muscles impact how you move and embrace life in every way. The pelvis, belly and womb anchors you to the earth and the infinite creativity and mystery of the divine feminine. It roots self-worth, powers your voice and heart into expression, activates your sensuality and holds your core chi force. Joyfully and simply, explore the gifts of your pelvis through dance and movement, embodiment practices of alignment, deep listening and an energetic clearing practice for assisting the healing and rebalancing of trauma patterns and empathic hypersensitivity. Activate more of your vibrant life force, abundance and authentic power in this transformational workshop.

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Unleashing your Inner Goddess

Sunranges-Qoya GOLD CIRCLE.png

BY Sunranges Qoya


“Dance embodiment “Unleashing Your Inner Goddess”

A dance class like no other! There's no way to do it wrong, and the way you know you are doing it right is that it feels good to you. It's an opportunity to get out of your head and into your body as well as exploring your relationship to the theme of the class.

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Gong Sound Healing

Taiyōkō Zen - Shiatsu, Sound & Oriental

BY Taiyōkō Zen - Shiatsu, Sound & Oriental Therapies


Michelle is a Shaitsu, Sound and Oriental therapist. She will be offering a beautiful Gong sound healing journey. Gongs throughout time and cultures, are one method that enables the release of life stressors. There powerful multiple layering of frequencies are effective catalysts in clearing blocks, leaving participants feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, thereby transforming the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Benefits include: *Shift Beliefs & Old Patterns Reduce Stress & Anxiety Re hydrate the Cells at the Cellular Level Lowers Heart Rate & Respiratory Reduce Inflammation Induce Brain Wave Entrainment Alter States of Consciousness Improve Focus and Clarity

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Celestial Crystal Singing Bowl Healing


BY The Institute of Compassionate Teaching

Christine invites you to access the divine Angelic realms and profound healing, as you bathe in the heavenly sounds of crystal singing bowls. Open, activate and recharge your chakras as you allow the sounds to heal your mind, body and spirit. Bring along your intention to transform and heal a challenge in your life, surrender it to the bowls and allow Spirit and The Angels to wrap you in divine love, protection and connection.

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Shamanic Drumming


BY Acorn and Oak


Shamanic Drumming to meet your  inner goddess

Explore the history of the shamanic Drum and then travel to the upper realm to meet with your inner goddess.

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Ecstatic Chanting


BY Rukmini Sky of the Heart

Chanting sacred mantras is the devotional aspect of yoga. Set to beautiful music, Rukmini will chant a Sanskrit mantra which is infused with divinity. You will chant it back, the repetition of the mantra will ignite your heart and fill you with bliss, giving you access to your own innate peace, joy and love.

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BY Laura Entwined


Join Laura for her Bellydance Workshop! Laura has been studying the art of bellydance for more than 15 years, been performing since 2006 and has been teaching successful weekly classes in Melbourne since 2013. Laura has graced the stages of some of Australia’s biggest music and lifestyle festivals, and also performed in NZ, Indonesia and the USA, and supported some of the biggest names in bellydance.

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Mother Earth
Sound Bath


BY Dare to Change Therapies

Mother Earth Sound Medicine is a fusion of sound healing, plant music and a guided nature meditation journey. Guiding attendees into a meditation using imagery of natural landscapes so they can use their imagination to forest bathe, whilst connecting deeper with nature using the plant music and using my different sound healing instruments such as drums, rattles, flutes, chimes, vocals (and vocal toning with the plant music) to take them on a healing journey

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Introduction into Positioning and Breathing


BY Inner Peace Meditation Collective


Introduction to Positioning and Breathing

Explanation of the sitting position for meditation, discuss other meditation positions such as lying and walking. Meditation is not just about sitting on a cushion. Explain how to use meditation throughout the day especially in situations that push your buttons. Guide individuals through a breathing technique by introducing them to heart brain unity and the first energy centre our connection to mother earth. 

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Enchanted Singing Circle


BY Lily de Leo & Wendy Pryor


enCHANTed Singing Circles

These circles were born from the desire to support women to find their own unique Soul Sound. Together we will do some gentle warmups and breathing techniques, followed by simple chants until it's time to let go and fly! Feel the music move through you as you release all inhibitions, move to the rhythm of the drum, and sing with your own beautiful authentic voice! We invite you to come with us and dare to sing your Heart's Song.

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Journey to find your
Wild Women


BY  Hope with Brooke Ceremony


Journey to find your Wild Women

It would involve serving cacao, drumming and guiding a journey with voice, drum and imagery. It's gentle but powerful and incredibly self connective for each woman. Smudging and intention setting is also involved. I would intuitively feel into each woman asking her deepest fear/question to Source and then having her draw a card which another woman would interpret for her. This is an incredible way to connect women to each other and have them trust in their own intuition.

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Light Language


BY Bronte Spicer


Light Language: ancient medicine to remember your wisdom within

Your guests will walk away from this unique workshop having experienced the power of light language. They will: - learn the basics of light codes, light intelligence and light language. - advance their intuitive gifts and receive their own clear messages from within. - see themselves in a whole new light as spiritual and multi-dimensional beings. This will include an introduction, 20-30 minute DNA Activation and sacred space held for sharing. 

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Cosmic Dream Weaving

COEURageous Flow b GOLD CIRCLE.png

BY  COEURageous Flow


Cosmic Dream Weaving

This hoop workshop is like no other. Utilizing sacred geometry and the infinite shapes a circular hoop can make, women will be guided through the realms and dimensions beyond our 3D reality. A meditation to begin to connect up to Source, setting pure Love intentions, followed  by a cosmic sequence of tricks & transitions are taught before free flow time is given to release the energy & dreams above and beyond. This workshop is a gateway to weaving their dreams into reality.

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Journey to find your
Wild Women


BY Arkadia Soundscapes


Therapeutic Soundscape

Journey to an altered state of consciousness with crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, the Gong, drums and other meditative percussion instruments. Reconnect with your inner resonance and experience the therapeutic benefits sound therapy provides which reconnects you to your true nature, increases mindfulness / self- awareness and deepens reflection. An unforgettable and memorable experience not to be missed.